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PostSubject: ATTN: EVEREYONE! NEW SHIT!   Fri May 29, 2009 6:38 pm

Please bear with us.


We are now -oκ-. When asked what that means, no one seems to be able to respond. Which is ok. Get it? Now it stands for OK.
We are the -oκ- clan. Zing.

So your tag would look like this: -oκ- Duder

Just copy and paste it from here: -oκ-

- We will be getting new forums. Every -oκ- clan member and recruit will be required to have an account on these forums. You might ask, "But why, Titus? That sounds so gay!" The answer would be that it gets really, REALLY confusing not having a solid list of people who are/are not in the clan, and this is a very easy way to get messages across, since Steam lacks a mass messaging feature.


We now have military ranking system. We are doing this for a number of reasons - mostly for organization purposes, and its cooler than what we just tried (which was MY idea, sorry). The ranks are as follows:

1st Lieutenant
2nd Lieutenant

Ranks affect realism more than anything else, but the standards are:

- During a realism, higher rank gets first pick of weapons and option to lead. Rank will not be abused, or that rank will not be held by the abuser.

- During a realism, please refer to someone with a higher rank as their rank at least once; this is to promote unity and to let everyone know -oκ- means business.

- PLEASE RESPECT EVERYONE EQUALLY (I can not stress that enough), and keep in mind that all ranks above Corporal are Admin positions.

- There will be NO weapon restriction on the pub server. We are NOT a Unit.

- Everyone will be spoken to privately about their rank.

- For a Private, your tag would look like this: -oκ- Pvt. Duder. Recruit: -oκ- Rec. Duder.

- You CAN lose your rank, and you CAN be removed from -oκ-.

- Promotions are decided by how often you're around, how respectful you are, and pure common sense. Skill level is not a factor.

- There is no Saluting requirement or anything. Unless you feel like it.

- The rank issue has been discussed and talked about and decided upon. Please give it a shot. If it winds up being something you don't think is for you, we won't hold you back.

- NEW Recruits, from this point on, will be required unless out of necessity to use rifles ONLY IN REALISM.


The pub server will stay mostly the same, but all admins and myself, personally, will be cracking down on the petty quarreling and outright disrespect that has plagued the server since it's creation. The second you begin to stop someone else from having a good time, expect someone jumping down your neck.

- I, myself will be enforcing this RULE: Any personal vendettas or problems are to be taken OUTSIDE the public eye. That means OFF our server, OFF our forums. Take care of it man to man (as much as it can be considered that on the internet!!!) over Steam, AIM, E-Mail, whatever.

- Again. Again, again, again. Respect everyone.


The realism server will now be considered PG rated. After seeing the difference, with the same members present, between Realism Nights that were totally open and ones that were controlled, it was obvious that things went exponentially better when we just kept our mouths shut and clean.

There are more changes coming. As with any new clan, we're all still figuring this out, too. If you're with us, great. If not, we still hope to see you around. Any questions, feel free to message me on Steam.

Thanks for your time and see you in-game.



-oκ- 1st Lt. TheTitusPants

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