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 United and MoM

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PostSubject: United and MoM   Fri May 22, 2009 12:25 am

Sup all!

United used to be two different, or even three different clans. Depending on who U ask, it started with BS|- That was back in 2006 and 2007. BS stands for Blunt Smokkaz

Some BS members went on and joined this older clan called Apocalyptic Eclypse <AE>

AE reorganized in 2008 and we went CAL-I

We could have been finalists, but most of the good players could not jive their schedules so we had B team members subbing and it sucked ass

AE had the first 120 tick (believe it or not, its the same to me, but it was awesome fiber box and running CAL config, I miss that box) In that box, you could connect from Timbuktu, and have a ping of 700 and wouldn't hurt the dam thing

When AE went under for lack of interest (lame asses), Kuma created United, hoping that the divisions between us would clear up. Instead, most players punked out to Tf2, then to COD4, and now to L4D. Punk ass bitches, but I loved them.

Anyway, if you are lucky enough to meet another United member, they can play and bullshit at the same time. Unfortunately, we are more a gathering of ragtag players rather than a clan.

MoM Blaze asked me to join MoM (method of madness). They're cool but they're new. Offshoot from |CC|, just like {damn} and some other unit I cant remember rt now. I think that (tiny) members used to be in |CC| too. I am trying to help them out, maybe we can go CAL this season. Or, maybe someone in |WAK| can get things together for a CAL scrim team.

Anyway, peace and chicken grease, buttmunchkins. Nice to be seen!

The Ant
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United and MoM
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