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 -oK²- Rules

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PostSubject: -oK²- Rules   Fri May 15, 2009 1:09 pm

-oK²- Server Rules.

-oK²- is a community of players who enjoy a mixture of fun and whoopin that ass online, but during realisms we are a serious group. We try and reinact WWII 2 fighting during realism, we have a commander which leads one team and another who leads the opposite team. The rules are set for everyone to follow noone is above the rules no -oK²- member is either. This is a small list of rules which all players on our server must obey.

#1. No racial slurs
#2. No Tk'n & No Tw'n
#3. Listen to all Admins [A]
#4. No mic spamming
#5. Forgive & forget all accidental Tk's & Tw'n
#6. Respect all players

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-oK²- Rules
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